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  • Идиомы с животными( часть 1, cat idioms)

  • Wazzup..is it it? What I'm really thinking?..Yes, definitely. What is it? I can't recall what this thought was about, even if it was a moment ago..Whatever! What's the point in thinking...? Now  I need two things for sure - loo and some food.".I'm as hungry as a dog" - how would people say. Really stupid quote, because they always hungry and eat all the time, while I only eat "Acana" once a day, sometimes, when I'm really lucky I can receive rice (Thanks to my pet Andrew, who eats nothing, and mum gives his food to me), but I  really hate rice, you know it tasteless, a little reminds rubber. The only reason I'm eating this scum, because it's pity to throw it away. But the most I hate" ve-ge-ta-bles", or how they call it. It even worth than rubber. They're so slippy and wet, that I roll my lip and eat it, only because of above-written reason. Gee, these my pets eat all the time. I watch them, count calories they eat and I'll tell you it is a lot. They prefer a fresh bred, smells marvelous(mm..I made up my pity eyes and get a piece), chocolate( the most tastiest, but after eating it I feel dizzy) eat,eat...Then to loose some weigh they do some fitness..Once I entered the room and saw one of my pets on the floor, doing strange movements. I would like to try it, but I haven't got elbows to put them on the back of my head.."Fifty, fifty one.. " Come on do it faster..You have one more cake to work out! But the most barbaric is to do a morning marathon. You know it is so exhausting - it is about 20 miles or even more. Without exaggeration! I'm not eating much, why am I obliged to run? It's unfair, I want to sleep.
    I want to say "Hello" to that cute female  Labrador. Oh, what a shape: elegant paws, graceful neck huge tail..Woof. No! Don't pull me back, treating me like a dog! Okay, I wont scandalize today, trying to escape from leash (I'll pretend being lordly, calm dog). But tomorrow I'll find out what's her name.
    Let me see who's next..oh, no, that stupid goggle-eyed bulldog, with his analogical female pet. Who's wearing glasses, which make her eyes even more lobster-like. Once I told this to a  bulldog. He become really angry and promised to make of me a German-Sheppard toy  for his cat. Cat? I exploded with laughter. What an embarrass to such solid dog to be a friend with a cat. I asked him did he changed a sand in his cat's lavatory. Bulldog was so angry and tried to attack me. He did it so hard, that his the same goggle-eyed pet fell on her butt.  Actually my pet is not happy with my communication, she pulls me and repeats "Ralf, beside!" . Ugh it's harsh she can 'scratch her tongue' with her friends( while I stand like moron on a lash without a right to bark) and I am not allowed! And her friends are horrible they ask me to shut up all the time. I asked to shut themselves and  they don't seem to understand me, but I' not complaining, all these pets are pretty silly,  don't understand us.
    But there is one friend I love, his name is Poop, he is big and funny. He understands me best. Once he was sitting on the bench, he said "Ralf, come here"- showing seat next to him. I jumped on a bench with a great pleasure. We were sitting on the bench like two old palls. Poop was drinking a beer, I wanted do ask some, but I hesitated. I'm not yet 18, it is forbidden by law. Then Poop opened dead dried fish bodies..mm..and gave me two. What a generosity. I wish he was my pet! 
    While I was sitting next to him my 'beloved' bulldog came across. I desperately wanted to tell him "Hey, lobster-eyed, cut-tailed shew...." but realized that my friend wont appreciate it, and remained silent. Bulldog looked at me, with a jealous stare, Haha,looser on a lash! And I'm on a bench with Poop..na-na-na. Bulldog said "Hay, black fur coat! Wanna be a toy for my cat?" I was so angry, that I thought I would explode. Somehow I started to shake, but remained silent. Then he called me a 'pussy cat'. It is the biggest dignity injury..rrr..can't help myself.
    Then luckily Marina appeared and started to talk to Poop,  his attention was now Marina's. I seized the moment, jumped off a bench and run straight to my enemy. Bulldog and his pet unexpected such action and were discouraged.  I'm the master of situation. Finally I'll show him where crabs hibernate!
    Suddenly, I felt something hard on my back, which pulled me back, then I heard familiar clatter...and my liberty was over - back to the lash. In addition I got impressive cuff and everyone called over the coals. I was so ashamed..Now, Poop wont respect me anymore. I already saw us sitting on the seaside, eating one candyfloss... D'oh, it'll remain dreams(((
    The way home I trailed behind, hanging my head to the ground..but not for a long time...till I recognized Rottweiler. Whoohoo.."Hey, tractor!")) 

  • Безымянный 49507

  • Идиомы с животными( часть 1, cat idioms)

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