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Lazy summer time


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  • The main point in summer, in my opinion is unbearable wish to do nothing or even worth - to behave like a crazy. I don't know what causes such demeanor. Maybe high temperature. Too much sun energy effects strangely, you know. I understand, that I have important, crucial period of my life - doing examinations and goverment testings to reach bechelor degree, you know, it needs a lot of concentration, which in my situation lacks. But still my marks are fine, so there' s no need to worry much. Yesterday I was so glad that I had Okey mark, that accidentally riped my pants. Try to guess where...
    I'm not sure where exacly it happend - in univercity or on the way to dad's office or in office - whatever! The fact still took place. Staying in office in such condition was a bit embarrassing, wan't it? So me, being creative every day, every minute, considered myself as gread designer as Andre Tan cut my pants to nice, fashionable shorts. Actually, I was the only one to find them 'fashionable' . Dad looked at me, like a 'ram on a new gate' and said that I interfere a working process. Further staying in office become impossible, as you may logically think. Maybe dad was right saying to mum on the phone: "You know what she has done?...She's oveheated" Yeah, ha was right. But, If there were cool conditioners, I wouldn't have been overheated.
    Feeling completely hot, me and Marina decided to go Darnitsa park, where the main fun was a 'Ferris wheel'. It wasn't scarry..I even thought it was borring. Marina advised to yawn patheticly and to ask a administrator to give our money back. I must admit what heat outside the office was higher, than inside, but still crumping grass, whith our ass seemed fine timespending. In less then no time (while doing something really purposeful, time runs by imperceptibly) dad came to collect us. We decided to hide from heat in our datcha, near the river. 
    After a great dinner on the terrace nearby the water, me and Marina went to carry on doing
    'socially useful work'. We went to great beach near the Dnipro. First what caught our eye were two little, about 17-year offenders, who took motor boat to cross the Dnipro. While poor fishes desperately try to produce something out of cavia, or produce cavia. I'm not really into zoology! Not only they were disturbing fishes! They turned police siren and started swimming nearby our peacefull lounge zone. "Showing off for non-residence" - commented Marina, with standard phrase for such situations. Literally, she was right, because in this region we were so-called 'nonresidents'. Anyway, being the only people on this beach it was dedicated to us.
    Receiving no attention
    Juvenile offenders swam to the right bank of Dnipro, where Concha Zaspa is located. Appropriateplace to show off, must admit. Some guy, lousy with money, angry with noise would have taken out his double-barreled gun and turned their boat into Titanic. We could have saved them only after 1-th of july, when motor boats are officially allowed.  Good luck in Concha Zaspa:)
    Finally our peaceful atmosphere restored. A little orange, a little pink sun saw it's beautiful reflection in the clean surface of the water and desided to show off with it's significant beauty a little more. There's no need to hurry giving grey, bare moon it's authority to rule - it thought. So we had an extra time to sunbathe.
    Not so fast! Out of nowhere a little, 4-years, but still  dangerous, Partisan appeared in 30 meter dintance, with a loaded gun, aimed straightly at us. With shaking movements we reased our hands hight. "I'm gonna shot you anyway!" - screamed Partisan after little hesitation. Two bodies, in a wink, fell into the water and didn't show any signs of life.
    Four-year guy stayed motionless. "Oh, I've just killed two girls" - he thought and make tracks. We sighed with relief. Now we can watch fashionable sun, which shanged it's gown into fiery red. It was half hidden behind the horizon. 'Our' lady in red was about to go to the party, leaving it's Trone to a Moon King.
    "Нands up" - suddendly we heard. Slowly we turned our heads right. I recognised 'our Partisan' and a new one, I guess his friend. They aimed theit guns at us. "Are you rendering up?" - one of them yelped.  We desperately shook our heads in agreement. Partisans looked at each other, working out. In one minute two bodies reached the water for the second time, not to move again. Two little guys stucked for some time, then run away. Now it was our chance to cut and run. 'Where are you going?" - I heard a scary voice behing my back and heard shoots. Stumbling,falling in the sand we desperately tried to escape. First we hide behind iron boat, then carefully crept to Stone hill. We had no intention to stay in such unstable, dangerous zone. Maybe our tent on terrace is much calmer. I sat there, thinking  what exiting day I have had! Gentle evening wind blew, opening "Labour law" book. Oh, that 's exacly what I've just thought about:))

  • правовые рассуждения на балконе

  • Разговор Двух Великих Джедаев

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