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  • Разговор Двух Великих Джедаев

  • Everyone have a right to make mistake. I'm sure you heard this phrase not once. Is it excuse for guilty person? Guilty for doing something seriously bad, or doing nothing, when certain actions are deadly necessary and, eventually, doing something, not considering the consequences or carelessly rely on their non-occurrence (2 last items took from Ukrainian Criminal law, guilt qualification). Then comes so-called "body" of mistake. It comes out through peculiar failures, which causes damages, psychological disorders, sleepless nights, physical illnesses and other complaints of mankind. Yes, you realized your 'right to have mistake', feeling happy?
    Lets 'dig deeper' and try to find out what is mistake, and what are main causes which provoke its appearance on my lately experience example. Our bellowed Wikipedia defines this tragical event this way: A mistake is an
    error. Great, then what is an error? it has different meanings and usages relative to how it is conceptually applied..blah-blah-blah...The concrete meaning of the Latin word error is "wandering" or "straying". Here, got it. It means one can't find it's way, or chooses it wrong or tortuous. Go up and forward - don't look back and around! While studying or working, having the main aim to become qualified specialist, surely you can't "rock every party" ( If there were University, which producted master-degree specialists in party branch, only then my main obligation would be "rocking every party"). Law subject doesn't refers to this really important  "obligation". It can be additional to your main knowledge - where to have fun (after execution of your main obligations).
    Once hearing lecture of "Notorious in Ukraine" professor was talking about promissory note, due to money borrowing. He said ' If you borrow someone 50grn, course you don't ask them to give promissory note' - and dismissively waived his hand. 'But if this sum reaches1000 grn., then something is aching here" - professor put his hand across heart area sensually. " With 1000 grn. you can attend awesome party. Ask Paliy, she'll tell you which one." I sat, my mouth drop down. All of people, including me had a great laugh there. That's all jokes^^)
    If I was such an expert during my winter session and working term, the less damage would have been done. Was I thinking about these two months of hell, while dancing in 'Forsage" club ? Not really..Actually I was thinking, but I wasn't considering the consequences or carelessly rely on their non-occurrence. Subjects on this session were really difficult and specific. You can not, even being genius, during one night or even there days, catch up this material. Even your already existed knowledge base is helpless here, cuz everything is new.
    After getting three 'unsatisfactory' I had a chance to prepare to this exams properly - about one month. It was real hell for me and my family and other people, who I audaciously can equate to family. They helped to fix my mistake, having nothing to do with it occurrence, asking nothing in return, except only not to reoccur this mistake in future. I am really happy person to have such people who love me despite everything, maybe even more than I do...Who helped at every step of my fallback from the 'true path'; Helped to prioritize for the thousandth time and calmly said "Everything will be alright' when everything seemed disastrous. Which helped we to 'collect my folded wings' and to eliminate the terrible consequences of my mistake, of course not without the help of their rational guidance.
    What was a lesson to learn! Hope for miracle as last instance of solving problems equals to indifferent fate expectation (apathy). Only with one distinction - the bad outcomes are perceived as serious tragedy, with naive misunderstanding 'why?'.  I don't want to say that there is no miracle at all..It does exist, but there, where you don't expect it will appear. That's definition of miracle. Sitting, hoping, while doing nothing, waiting for it, wont cause miracle appearance.
    From that 'lesson' I realized that life is first of all big responsibility for your actions, and failures thereof...Everything depends on you. You're the one who's guilty. Yeah, really difficult to accept it, cuz there were too many reasons which made this situation happen (harsh professor, bad traffic, wrong moon phase ect. These reasons are easy to think up)...But still you're the main trouble organizer, you are the Conductor your your life (free time, working hours). Wrong, neglectful it's timing made this 'cacophony', with no opportunity to 'replay', return to beginning and have another try...
    Also I found out that my childhood is over. If I do nothing about Private arbitration сase, I'll loose it. Like today lecturer said "Attending сommertial court without preparation means guaranteed defeat" . Here I'll represent not only myself, firm, but also my university (which gratefully gave me knowledge, and eager to give more. In case I'm interested to receive them of course)). So it's really big responsibility.
    I wont go to ice slide anymore. I mean not today...em, because I'm an adult now, really responsible one...yeah, and because there is 2 degree above zero, and everything melts:)

  • Слова тут не причём.

  • Разговор Двух Великих Джедаев

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